A Practical, Drug-Free Approach to Conquering Anxiety

Put yourself back in the mental health equation


A Practical, Drug-Free Approach to Conquering Anxiety



Mental health is a huge issue in our society. While the medical model of anxiety has helped some break free from their worries, it’s also left a lot of us in the dark.
Never-ending prescriptions and weekly visits to the psychiatrist aren’t the only potential courses of action when it comes to mental health. We can also come to understand the power of our thoughts and begin to take responsibility for them.
In Get Out of Your Head, you’ll discover how to do just that. Through the latest research, personal anecdotes, and a heavy dose of practicality, you’ll learn:
-Where anxiety comes from and how to stop perpetuating it
-10 crucial steps for mitigating anxiety during stressful situations
-How to leverage fear into a vehicle for personal growth
-How to stop fighting yourself and start living again


Get Out of Your Head is a strong read that provides some super helpful strategies for managing anxiety; they’re practical, easy to apply, and effective. I’d highly recommend.”

- John M, Paperback Buyer

“I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life. Get Out of Your Head was the first book I read that helped me make sense of it. The stories in it are captivating and relatable too.”

- Ryan H, Early Reader

“It was refreshing to read a book on mental health that doesn’t revolve around traditional medicine. An added bonus: this one is also practical and easy to follow. Two thumbs up.”

- Molly P, eBook Buyer




Is a software developer and consultant from Boston, MA. In 2008, Brian experienced his first panic attack. As a critical thinker who likes to figure out how things work, Brian resolved to get to the bottom of his anxiety and come up with strategies for dealing with it.
Ten years later, after numerous, perspective-changing anxious situations, Brian decided to chronicle his experiences and give those suffering from anxiety effective, battle-tested tactics for overcoming it.


Who is this book written for?

Though I wrote the book for anyone looking for an alternative, drug-free framework for managing their anxiety, the stories and strategies in it are geared toward critical thinkers and over-analyzers. Though I think anyone dealing with mental illness will find the book helpful, it may resonate more deeply with those in software development or technology.

If you could sum the book up in just a few sentences, what would you say?

Anxiety is a product of our body’s innate responses to the things that scare us and the thoughts we have in reaction to those things. If we can learn to look at those thoughts differently or even change them, we’ll be able to mitigate anxiety whenever it comes knocking. The book, then, is an exploration into this concept and a fleshing out of ideas and strategies that help us achieve such a feat.

Will this book help me specifically?

Everyone is different. As such, I can’t promise the material is right or not for you. However, if you answer “yes” to several of the following questions, I think you might find the book helpful:

Do you feel like psychiatric medication isn’t cutting it for you?
Do you ever get yourself caught up in overwhelming patterns of negative thinking?
Do you wish you had a simple, repeatable set of steps for getting yourself out of states of acute anxiety?
Are you open to practical, drug-free strategies for dealing with your mental health?
Do you not know where to turn next?

What qualifies you to write a book on this subject?

I’m not a doctor or mental health professional. I’m just someone who’s been through the same things you have. For more than ten years, I’ve lived with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Throughout those ten years, I’ve developed, and put into practice, countless strategies that have helped me get my anxiety under control. Though I am not formally trained in medicine, I think my experiences are relatable and my strategies will resonate with you.

Is the book available in physical form as well as digital?

Yes, the book is currently available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats. The paperback version is available on Amazon. The eBook is available on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, B&N Nook, and Kobo. The audiobook is available on Audible.

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