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“I had no formula for coping with anxiety until I read this book. Thankfully I do now. For $10, it’s a no-brainer purchase.”

-John M

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“I don’t buy many books, but my anxiety was so bad that I felt like I had to. It offered me a step-by-step approach that I now use regularly.”

-Mary L

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“I bought this book in the peak of an anxiety attack and it helped give me a process for getting out of it. Now I can manage those attacks much better.”

-Mark Z

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Mental health is a huge issue in our society. While the medical model of anxiety has helped some break free from their worries, it’s also left a lot of us in the dark.

Never-ending prescriptions and weekly visits to the psychiatrist aren’t the only potential courses of action when it comes to mental health. We can also come to understand the power of our thoughts and begin to take responsibility for them.

In Get Out of Your Head, you’ll discover how to do just that. Through the latest research, personal anecdotes, and a heavy dose of practicality, you’ll learn:

  • Where anxiety comes from and how to stop perpetuating it
  • 10 crucial steps for mitigating anxiety during stressful situations
  • How to leverage fear into a vehicle for personal growth
  • How to stop fighting yourself and start living again


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Brian is a software developer and consultant from Boston, MA. In 2008, Brian experienced his first panic attack. As a critical thinker who likes to figure out how things work, Brian resolved to get to the bottom of his anxiety and come up with strategies for dealing with it.

Ten years later, after numerous, perspective-changing anxious situations, Brian decided to chronicle his experiences and give those suffering from anxiety effective, battle-tested tactics for overcoming it.


-The book is written for anyone who struggles with negative thoughts, panic attacks, and the wide range of anxiety-related symptoms. When you boil it down, so much of anxiety can be attributed to our inability to quiet the chatter in our minds. Thus, if you struggle with your own mental chatter, constantly overanalyze your fear, or really just want to find some new strategies for dealing with anxiety, then this book is for you.

-While there are many contributing factors to how often or how intensely we experience anxiety, one of the most pivotal of those factors is how we react to fear when it arises within us. If we can learn to stop reacting to fear at its onset, then we can stop anxiety in its tracks. Though this is certainly easier said than done, the book explores the multitude of ways by which we can do just that.

-Though everyone experiences anxiety differently, the underlying causes of it are often quite similar across cases. The book recounts a variety of anxiety-related personal stories, then zooms back out to connect each story to the common causes of anxiety at-large.

-What this means in practice is that while not every story will contain something you’ve experienced before, each one will provide generally-applicable, helpful insights. As you read, you’ll combine the insights that resonate most deeply with you and build your own “anxiety toolkit,” which will become invaluable on your anxiety journey, moving forward.

I’m not a doctor or mental health professional. I’m just someone who’s been through the same things you have. For more than ten years, I’ve lived with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Throughout those ten years, I’ve developed, and put into practice, countless strategies that have helped me get my anxiety under control. Though I’m not formally trained in medicine, I think my experiences are relatable and that my strategies will resonate with you.

Yes, the book is currently available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats. The paperback version is available on Amazon. The eBook is available on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, B&N Nook, and Kobo. The audiobook is available on Audible.


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